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I used a nice headshot to meet my wife in 1998!  Headshots have been around long before 1998!  Cheap Headshot, Business Headshot, Linkedin Headshot or whatever you call it, help you look your best online.

Since 2005 I’ve been running marathons and training.  You can find me training weekly on the road or on the treadmill.  The podcast or Iphone music is your friend on your runs.  WOW!  It’s been 13 and counting years of running.  What can I say to the beginning runner?  What can I say about running and training?
1.  Nobody really likes running, except runners.
2. Beginning is the hard part.
3. Inertia, right?
4. Objects at rest stay at rest.  Objects in motion stay in motion.
5. Momentum.
6. Start slow. Stretch.  Go for the journey.  Go the the stamina and endurance.
Build it slow.  Less injury.
2017 Miami Half I am pictured below.  in 2005, I saw a pic of someone crossing the finish line on social media.
I added it to my bucket list.  Done.  Still got it.  Love it!
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