They Say Small Business Lasts Longer Than Many Jobs In The Corporate World. How Is That Possible?  A Lot Of Our Great Nation In The Great Old US of A Are Just That, Small Business Owners. Here’s Some Stats Over At The SBA.

Paul Finkelstein, DTM, Says, Let’s Keep The Odds In Small Businss Owners Favor. Let’s Participate In Weekly Virtual Meetings For Breakfast. These Breakfast Webcasts Are The Fuel For Business. Rocket Fuel. The Vitamins Small Business Owners Crave And Love. Meeting Other Small Business Owners Is Crucial.

Finding Small Business Owners You Can Relate, Build Rapport, And Refer Your Clients.  Paul Recommends Dig Your Well BEFORE You Are Thirsty.

The Alignable Local Leader And Weekly Virtual Meeting Starts Off With A Virtual Business Networking Workout. You Have To Come Prepared To Raise Your Hand. You Also Have To Speak At Every Meeting.  Yes, Every Attnedee Does Speak. That’s What Makes Us Different. But NOT Just A 60 Second Elevator Speil. Impromptu Speaking Is A Must. You’ll Get the Practice At This Morning Meeting For Sure.

Try It Out And See For Yourself. Register At Every Attendee Or Guest in Invited On The HAPPY PODCAST.  Signup Right @ OMGTALK! Just Entered Podcast World Of 500,000 Podcasts On Apple Podcast App. I Don’t Know How Many Are On Soundcloud, But It’s Available For Android Users. The Video Version Of The Small Business Owner Podcast Is Just Like A Real TV Interview Which Is On Youtube.

Whatever Year Your Small Business Is In  Now, Keep Going!

All The Best,

Paul Finkelstein, DTM
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