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Amateur can only go so far.

You have got to meet the Portrait bus in South Florida!  Mobile Portrait Pros specializes in Linkedin Headshot, Headshots, Corporate Headshots and Business Headshots!  Seeing is believing right?  We all know someone who met their spouse with online dating.
This is the most visible example.  Putting a snapshot out there on a dating site.  Now your future date knows what you look like.  I’m talking to all the honest folks.  This is how I met my better half too.  Why not share with your target market your face too?  Click here for a video recording from last Monday, February 19, 2018 about this very topic.  
A beautiful portrait can go a long way.  This concept will take you leaps ahead of your competition.

Best regards,
Paul Finkelstein
Owner, Photographer
Mobile Portrait Pros, Paul Steven Photography