Dear Professionals & Entrepreneurs,

Guess what? Today I gave two talks with my book as the focus. In the same day…

today…wow… Last week I got to photograph an event for

District 47 toastmasters International..

That was so exciting….

The 1st thought that came to my mind was how can I help others market themselves

that is more effective than distributing business cards….

giving out business cards is fun, effective, has the contact info to get in touch and

might even have a message at just the right time we needed….the nice mug of you on your

cards is an added value of your prospects and clients to help you stand out….Yes or yes?

Did that happen to you today?

chances are that did NOT happen to you today….

I am going to go on a limb and say I think I found an exciting way to market

that can position you and your business a whole lot better than a business card…

And that is a book…


A book positions you as an authority…

A book can be a wonderful introduction….

A book can make a wonderful gift…

A book is something YOU can put your experiences in….

You know you have experiences already….

With that in mind….You already have the content for your own book….

Now put it all together and publish it in 1 week….!!! That is insane BUT sooooo


I’d love to see your published book on Amazon and Kindle in 1 week!

I dare you…

to get some hints and tips…lets have coffee…I will share the formula I picked up at a


It is really simple..Self publish , get your own isbn number…etc…

I know the perfect guy to take your headshot for your book cover too…you saw that coming?


BTW, twice a month on a Wednesday at Duffys in boca Raton, St Andrews Rd…

12:30pm I’m going to

attend this cool networking group called bling…good group of professionals..


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ps. the actual speech is on my youtube below.

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