Can YOU Help? Desperate Parents Asking For Help To Save Their Son's Life!

Two years ago, on Saint George’s Day, the Victory Broker, Maria Adina Moreanu, held in her arms her first born, a beautiful child who came into the world too quickly. The parents of little George Luca Nicolas waited for him for more than ten years, during which time they prayed to the Most High not to leave them without children.

Their tears of despair erupted the day Maria Adina Moreanu found out she was going to be a mother, but they started flowing a few months later when, due to medical problems, the life of the future baby was in danger.

The boy was born much too early, and when he was born he suffered a cerebral hypoxia.

“She had no oxygen at birth, she did not breathe. His life chances were 1%, as some doctors told me, having more problems at birth “, I found out from Maria Adina Moreanu.

With a broken soul, her mother sent her spirit to Heaven and prayed to God day and night. “I strongly believed that my little boy would live. After spending almost a month at ATI, he was moved to the Premature Department and then I knew that our Luca will be fine, he will live “, said the mother, through tears.

He had no way of knowing that a terrible illness would change the boy’s fate. “Spastic tetraparesis” was the doctors’ announcement that broke my mother’s heart. A long journey was beginning, the end of which could not be seen.

When the child was 10 months old, the parents enlisted the help of a physiotherapist to help the little boy who could not sit on the chair, nor could he support his head. “Since then, we have not interrupted the meetings, which take place twice a day, from Monday to Friday.

I also went to Chisinau for treatment and physical therapy with Dr. Marcel Platon. As desperate parents, we want to do everything for our little boy to be well “, continued Maria Adina.

In addition to physical therapy, the little one also makes other treatments that are very expensive, but effective, the child making slight progress, his body is always supported by parents.

His parents sold almost everything in order to provide him with financial support and are willing to sell their house to see George Luca Nicolas on his feet. The child is undergoing oxygen treatment in Târgu Mureș, where he was recommended 14 sessions, the price of one being 400 lei.

These is added physiotherapy, which costs 150 lei / session. Now they desperately need 10,000 lei to complete the treatments, an amount they do not have. The mother cries for help, a silent scream, full of the pain that grinds her regarding the suffering of her child. Luke still doesn’t understand what’s happening to him, but he endured everything with stoicism.

“Doctors said there would be a chance at a hospital in Turkey, where a stem cell transplant could be performed. The parents would do anything for this child that they had been waiting for for more than ten years.

We need the help of those around us for the little boy to be healthy “, said Carmen Suciu, the founder of the” Born Angel “Association, from Piatra Neamț.

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