1. First, Let Me Welcome You Onboard Alignable.com Like Learning Anything For The First Time Like A Foreign Language, It Can Be Daunting.
Let’s Get You STARTED. Go Ahead And Fill In Your Profile. Your Profile Should Show How You Help People. You Will Be Networking With Other SBO’s Small Business Owners.  If Your Market Is B2B. You Are In The Right Place. If It Is B2C, Then These B2B Business’ Client’s Are YOUR Customer Or Client.
2. Feel Free To Pick My Brain, Use Me As A Mentor. Just CLICK HERE And Connect To My Profile. Send Me Message Through Alignable.com
3. Sending A Message Through Alignable.com To Me Or Any Of Your New Alignable.com Connections WILL Get Through. No Emails Blocked.
4. Download The FREE Alignable.com APP On Your Smart Phone.  You Can Check Messages On The Go If You Have Time. At Least Check It Twice A Day.
5.There Are NEW Features Alignable Occasionally Rolls Out, Like This Week, GROUPS. The Advice Tab At The Top Is Relatively NEW In 2020.
6. Advice Tab, ASK A Question And Get Other SBO’s To Answer It. Tip: The More Thoughtprovoking, The Better. The Less Saleslike, The Better Too.
Note, If Your Question Is Already Asked, Just Reply To A Question You Thought Of Or Scroll To Bottom Of Advice Once You Typed Your Question And Keep Your Question IF Unique. (FREE Members Can Access Advice Tab)
7. FREE Profiles Can Ask To Connect To 10 NEW SBO’s Monthly
8. Premium Can Be Addicting And Useful. I Did Premium For 1 Year.  I Found It Very Useful. Most Of My Connections Are From Off Alignable And Added To Alignable. 
9. ATTITUDE Is King On Alignable.com Or Anywhere You Network. Especially Online Here. I Am Convinced People Want To Deal With Positive People.
10. I Think There Is 3 Things You Can Do To Network Here On Alignable Best. 1. Be Kind. 2. Be Positive 3. Repetition (Over Time And Some Helpful Interactions Without The Sales Pitch Seems To Work Best)
11. 3 things to do to be MOST effective on Alignable. A. Be Kind
12. Be Positive.
13. Repetition. Meet WEEKLY With The Connections You REALLY Connect With.
14. Note: You Will NOT Connect with Everyone.
15. It Is What It Is. 
16. It’s ALL About Chemistry. Some Will Relate, Some Won’t. So What!
17. I Recommend A Public Speaking Course To Network Better. Toastmasters Is Worldwide. And Cost Effective. 
18. Here’s 3 Mistakes I Highly Encourage You NOT To Do.
19. Do NOT make a logo or a business card when you start your business.
20. Do NOT make a brochure.
21. Do Not Make A Website.
22. Certainly Do NOT pay for SEO PPC or Any of These Organic Google Search things.
23. I do suggest you help other small business owners.
24. He who helps the most wins.
25.A Famous Sales Person And Public Speaker Zig Ziglar said if you help enough people get what they want you will get what you want.
26. Small Business Owners Can Bond In Business Classes Or Webinars.  Every Week OMGTalk.com holds a weekly webinar and special zoom classes to disrupt your competition and business plan. 
27. Each day pick up that 1,000 pound telephone and connect with 5 small business owners.
28.Some you will connect. Others Not so much. Follow up Will determine more interest for sure.
29. Conversation is so important. Chat Like You talk with a buddy.
30. Do No Sales Activity At Your First Call.
31. No Sales Acitivty.
32. No Sales Activity.
33. We ALL love to buy.
34.WE hate to be sold.
35. sounds like common sense.
36. 90% of buyers are buy LATER clients
37. 10% of clients are buy NOW clients
38.EVERY Small business owner IS chasing the buy now client
39. if you want to STAND OUT stop immediately chasing buy now clients
40. think of the pains or problems you SOLVE for your clients
41. how do you exactly do that?
42. there must be stories you can share how YOU saved the day for someone
43. what makes you DIFFERENT?
44. what is your usp? unique selling proposition
45. other business books call is value proposition
46. read THINK AND GROW RICH AND ATOMiC HABIT now.. two amazing business minds and books.
47. business failure is only a case of broken focus. chasing shiny objects one sbo puts it.
48. write a book. be an author. self publish on Amazon. it’s cost effective. it puts you in a position of expertise
49. definitely have an OPEN MIND.
50. Are YOU Ready to connect and help each other develop business together? we are looking for a team of sbos small business owners. if you relate or love the above 50 list of ideas, CLICK BELOW And lets get the ball rolling.


Kindest Regards,
Paul , Sara And Lucky Finkelstein, Delray Beach, FL (We Meet on Zoom Weekly at OMGtalk.com Wednesday Mornings 8:30am Eastern)