Allison Duine
Miami/Fort Lauderdale Area
“I love the Mobile Portrait Studio concept. Paul brings his studio to you providing convenient, personable, expert service. I couldn’t be happier with my business portrait. 




Michelle Alba-Lim
Sutherlin, Oregon

Paul is one of the most dedicated, disciplined, and determined people I’ve ever met in my life (and being on my 7th decade, I’ve met a LOT of people!). Once Paul sets his mind on a goal, he will do everything humanly possible to achieve it. Paul has a relaxed, supportive, and highly collaborate approach that gets people to buy into his vision without even realizing it. Competitive Communicators, the hundred percent online Toastmasters club that he built is just one example. Paul attracted people to join the club and charter it within a few months. More importantly, he continues to attract more people and is on the way to doubling the membership! His help with another online club (Global Trainers Online) is another example. Paul signed up to serve as VP-Public Relations and quickly created a club website. Despite his busy schedule, he continues to help me and the other club officers. If you ever need a team mate whom you can rely upon, Paul’s your man! 

Dawn Palughi
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Paul is a remarkable photographer. He has the passion and the experience in this field. I highly recommend his mobile studio at Mobile Portait Pros. You will not be disappointed. In addition, he goes the extra mile for his clients, which is very commendable.  When you’re ready for a professional business portrait, contact him.
Nancy Profitt
West Palm Beach, Florida
It is an honor for me to write a recommendation for Paul.He is a person who is completely dedicated to his work and is passionate about customer service results. His flexibility via his mobile studio is a huge positive differentiator. His work is top notch! Paul truly understands that giving is getting. Paul makes a difference throughout the community, not only through his quality photography but with his substantial involvement in helping others. Paul is a person I recommend without hesitation.
Mark H Rubenstein
Boca Raton, Florida
Paul did a fantastic job when Congregation Bnai Israel hired him to take Executive Portraits. He came on time and pleased even our finicky staff who don’t like to wait and want to simply have the photographer be ready when they are. Easiest way to get portraits done for any occasion.
Victor (Parente) Blake
Washington D.C. Metro Area
Paul is an amazing photographer. If you have a need for a photographer for marketing projects (exec profiles, publicity photos, etc.) he can provide exactly what you are looking for. His mobile portrait studio can come directly to your place of business and the portraits will be created in his mobile portrait studio without coming into or needing any setup in your place of business in Southeast Florida.
Elizabeth Turk
Sarasota, Florida Area
Paul Steven is the utmost professional with an eye for detail. He photographs with the eye of an expert and captures the true essence of beauty in his resulting photographs. If you are seeking a professional who has a heart for his work and the skill of an expert, I recommend Paul Steven when you’re in Southeast Florida.
Barry R. Epstein, APR
Boca Raton, Florida area
Paul is a terrific photographer and the best thing is that he has a mobile studio, so he comes to you, saving lots of travel time for his clients.
Mike Fesler
Melbourne, Florida Area
I have known Paul for several years now, on both personal levels and professional. I have found him to be a dear friend and a virtual wealth of knowledge with the personality and drive of truly paying it forward to everyone that he meets. I highly recommend Executive Portraits at your doorstep. I consider it a privilege calling him friend, not to mention it is truly a pleasure to work with such a professional.
Ellen Augello
Buffalo/Niagara, New York Area
Paul Steven Finkelstein & Paul Steven Photography photographed individuals at The Alexa Foundation Palm Beach fundraiser with Bill O’Reilly at Mar-A-Lago. The situation was at times difficult to maintain order while photographing approximately 200 people in less than an hour. Paul and Sara were very professional, pleasant and efficient. I do not hesitate to recommend Paul Steven Photography.
Julie Hughes
West Palm Beach, Florida Area
Paul is a respected photographer and business owner. He is a professional photographer and extremely detailed oriented. He is an asset to our photographic organization, PPGPB and has put us on the map with his brilliant networking techniques. He has revolutionized our marketing capabilities and greatly expanded our membership. I would give Paul a great recommendation for any business that uses his services.
David Sedore
West Palm Beach, Florida Area
I know Paul both through the Delray Chamber, where he was an ambassador, and as a photographer. He’s always willing to go above and beyond to get the job done right. He’s photographed my wife and me and did an outstanding job. He is extremely professional. If you want to look good, Paul is your photographer.
Deborah (Debbie) Eberlin
Altamonte Springs, Florida
Paul is a talented photographer with a great professional manner. His mobile portrait studio is very innovative. Once you’re photographed, he works to ensure your portrait is first-rate in the Southeast, Florida area.
Candace (O’Donnell) Rojas
West Palm Beach, Florida Area
Paul Stevens is a fantastic photographer with a great product. He brought his portrait studio to me (via his bus) and took portraits that I have used both personally and professionally. In addition to his professionalism, I have found Paul to be punctual, personable and exhibit good character…my kids loved him!
Christine Dardet
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
I’ve recommended/hired Paul to photograph business portraits of my clients; to take passport photos; and to photograph my children. He does nice work, and my clients are always pleased. The mobile portrait studio is very convenient!
Megan Cheever
Rochester, New York
Paul is our Chapter Leader for Southern Florida at RIT. I have had the delight of working with him for a year now, and have always been impressed with his professionalism, dedication to his work and friendliness. Paul is the true definition of a leader and I am always running into fellow alumni of Paul’s that speak highly of him. He inspires others to rally around the cause of RIT and we are lucky to have him as a volunteer. I give my greatest recommendation for Paul, I don’t think our program would survive without him.
Ami Zak
West Palm Beach, Florida Area
Paul is a unique professional, he gives before he gets to all unconditionally. I have never met such a self-less individual. Paul is honest and hard working. He loves what he does and cares about his clients and business contacts. You can be sure that you will be more than satisfied when you hire him for a project.
Dan Castrillon
West Palm Beach, Florida Area
Paul is a true professional. He is innovative in his approach and when it comes to producing the highest quality product, nobody else compares. There has never been a time when Paul has not done exactly what he said he would do nor completed it later than he said he would. If you need something done right the first time and need it done fast there is nobody else to call but Paul.
David James, former Fire Chief, Delray Beach,Florida
West Palm Beach, Florida Area
The first time I met Paul Steven Finkelstein I hired him do a personal professional portrait. The concept of bringing the studio to me was very appealing. I had no idea of what that entailed. He arrived on time at my office and I was immediately impressed with his mobile portrait studio. He provided excellent advice and the finished portrait was great! I recently brought him back to do portraits for my senior staff to add to our website. He was very accommodating to some of our staff’s varying work schedules. He worked with us on our limited budget to my delight and appreciation. I’m very pleased with the finished product. I know my staff is going to love their portraits.
Woodie McDuffie, former Mayor, Delray Beach, FL
West Palm Beach, Florida Area
Paul is a very detail-oriented and innovative entrepreneur. His photographic work is excellent and his new venture into a mobile photography studio is a very bold step with tremendous potential. Our world is full of very busy people who not likely to take the time to visit a studio. When the studio comes to the consumer, however, I believe Paul has identified an unrealized market.