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Gaetano Says,"Make That 1st Impression Count!"

Gaetano, North Florida

Sara From MyMedicareSupplementsForYou.com Says,"Paul Makes A Session Fun! Wait Til The Media & Your Audience See's Your New Look!"

Sara Finkelstein, MyMedicareSupplmentsForyou.com, Delray Beach,Florida

Mathilde Fischer, Toastmaster, Says,"You Know How To Make Your Subjects Relax So They Can Look Calm, Poised and Sharp On Camera!"

Mathilde Fischer, Cologne, Germany

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Just How Challenging Is It To Be A Small Business Owner?

"They Say Small Business Lasts Longer Than Many Jobs In The Corporate World. How Is That Possible?  A Lot Of Our Great Nation In The Great Old US of A Are Just That, Small Business Owners. Here's Some Stats Over At The SBA. Paul Finkelstein, DTM, Says, Let's Keep The...