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Success Stories

I recently needed to renew my portrait photo on the business website, brochures and business cards. I’m exceedingly happy that I chose Paul Steven Photography, LLC, and Mobile Portrait Pros to take a head shot for me.  Paul is very professional, he loves and he knows his job.  He takes very beautiful distinctive headshot. In addition to the satisfaction of exceptionally well done job Paul’s clients have a chance to have photo shot done at their location. Mobile photo studio is perfectly equipped and customers need only to take care of a beautiful smile. Paul has a fantastic sense of humor and he really makes customers happy.
If you need photo service I highly recommend  to contact Paul Steven and let him to do an extraordinary job for you.

Jelkica Kuzmanovic Entrepreneur, Self Employed

My 1st Success Was When I Met My Wife Because Of A Headshot.  I Wanted To Upload A Headshot To An Online Dating Service 20 Years Ago!  I Wanted To Look Like $1,000,000.00 Not $5.00 I Wanted To Stand Out From My Competition.  It Worked! It Worked!  Married Over 20 Years!

The 2nd Success Was Winning Several New Customers From My Local Chamber Of Commerce And Through Email Followup Which I Used My Headshot In The Email Signature.  That Email Headshot Works!  Don’t Underestimate It.  Email Me: I Can Send You A Sample Email Signature.

Paul Finkelstein

Founder & CEO,

I Am A Professional Insurance Advisor. It Is Very Important I Look Very Professional. It Is Important To Me That 1st Impressions Are Very Critical.  You Also Don’t Get A 2nd Chance To Make A 1st Impression.  .

Sara Finkelstein

Head of Marketing,,

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