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Our history.  How it all started?

Over 10 years ago Paul Steven Photography and Mobile Headshot Portrait Pros was born.  Over 30 years ago Paul’s dad gave Paul his first camera.  It was a lot bigger and heavier than the smartphone camera of today.  The camera has evolved and the photographic process has evolved over many years.  The eye for capturing great images, great expressions, and understanding the technical aspects of photography lighting and posing and more still requires a learned skill.  Today we even have flying cameras called drones.

Who is Paul?

Paul enjoys the art of people photography.  Paul’s loves photographing people on the move.  Paul loves photographing professionals.  In college, someone introduced Paul to business books about founders of big companies.  Paul reads books like Grinding it out, by Ray Kroc, Dave’s way, by Dave Thomas, and How to be rich, by J Paul Getty.  It is these books that influences Paul to be around other business people.  Of course these professionals have families and photographing their families is very rewarding too.

When you want to get something done, ask a busy professional.

Creating professional, business portraits or publicity portraits for demanding individuals who work in their own business or command many employees can be challenging but is exciting for Paul.  Business is business.  Time is short.  Endless meetings and deals expecting to close consume the astute business person and company.

Who are we?

Paul Steven Photography and Mobile Headshot Portrait Pros are one of the same company.  One name is directly from Paul.  The other name tells you exactly what we do and for whom and who we are today.  We are mobile, create professional Headshot portraits for professionals by professionals.

We photograph professionals in southeast Florida in many areas. 

If your company is ready to look great online and offline you have found the right company.  Our mission is to make you look great.  When you look great, your clients, your prospects will see how great you look.  Looking great is what can make the difference for that first impression.  You do know that you can’t get a second chance for a first impression.

Best regards,
Paul Finkelstein
Owner, Photographer
Mobile Portrait Pros, Paul Steven Photography