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Woodie McDuffie, former Mayor, Delray Beach, FL

 West Palm Beach, Florida Area

Paul is a very detail-oriented and innovative entrepreneur. His photographic work is excellent and his new venture into a mobile photography studio is a very bold step with tremendous potential. Our world is full of very busy people who not likely to take the time to visit a studio. When the studio comes to the consumer, however, I believe Paul has identified an unrealized market. 

 Ellen Augello

 Buffalo/Niagara, New York Area 

Paul Steven Finkelstein & Paul Steven Photography photographed individuals at The Alexa Foundation Palm Beach fundraiser with Bill O’Reilly at Mar-A-Lago. The situation was at times difficult to maintain order while photographing approximately 200 people in less than an hour. Paul and Sara were very professional, pleasant and efficient. I do not hesitate to recommend Paul Steven Photography. 

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Dan Castrillon

West Palm Beach, Florida Area

Paul is a true professional. He is innovative in his approach and when it comes to producing the highest quality product, nobody else compares. There has never been a time when Paul has not done exactly what he said he would do nor completed it later than he said he would. If you need something done right the first time and need it done fast there is nobody else to call but Paul.

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