Why Settle For Just A Headshot Or Individual Portrait When It Is Way More Convenient To Get A Vacation At Your Office?

Aloha Southeast Florida Neighbor!

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30 Second Introduction’s  Can “Break The Ice”.  Relax. 

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Meet The “Most Fun Headshot  And Portrait Bus” And “Real Mobile Studio” In Town!


Please, “Dial My Recording On Your Phone”

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“Just 2 More Minutes” For Seven Really Convenient “Portrait Tips” Before

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1st Time Visitor?  Sometimes  Going Somewhere Is Not At All Convenient. 

At Least Not Right Now.

To Save You And I Some Time, Please Do This Next Very Helpful Step Right Here Without Going Anywhere.

Listen To 50 More Minutes the “Exact Equivalent To

You And I Meeting Over A Cup Of Coffee”
, But You

Can “Do  It Right Now Without Making Yet Another Meeting”.


Paul S. Finkelstein And Sara Finkelstein

Co-Founders, Photographer, Co-Presidents , MobilePortraitPros.com