Looking For A Headshot And Portrait Studio?


Why Settle For Just A Headshot When You Can Get Lei’d?

Below, Discover 7 Secrets Beyond Just A Headshot, Choosing The Right Headshot And Portrait Photographer.

Get All Of Your Staff Or Team Lei’d In Southeast Florida!


Imagine All Of Your Employees Getting Lei’d On the Same Day!
Each Headshot And Portrait Client  Gets A Hawaiian Leis.  Our Compliments To You.
A Taste Of Hawaii Minus The Airfare And A High Quality Headshot And Portrait.  

Save Money, Save Airfare, Save Time!

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Hi, This Is Paul.  I Am A Runner, Marathoner, Headshot And Portrait Photographer.  
I Ran 13.1 Miles To Share This Message With You. That Is Me On The Right.

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***Welcome Aboard A Very Unique Portrait Boat (Bus)Or Mobile Portrait Studio! Do You Like Cruises? No Unpacking and Packing. A Floating Hotel!

When The Mobile Portrait Studio Comes To Your Office Or Home Office, In Southeast Florida (The Vacation Capital Of the World), It Is Like Being On Vacation!

Talk To Your Travel Agent (Portrait Bus Agent) Today! Would You Like A Balcony? (Your Doorstep) Watch The Mobile Portrait Studio Roll Right Up To Your Office For A Headshot And A Portrait For All Your Staff?  It’s An Amazing Experience!  Like Having A Vacation At Your Office!

It’s Been Sailing (Driving) The Streets Of Southeast Florida For Over a Decade Already! It’s Cruising (Driving) Around Your Neighborhood And Right By Your Office Very Soon!

You Can Experience The Studio At YOUR Balcony.  (Your Office Doorstep!)  It’s A Vacation From Work!  It Can Be A Fun Way To Recharge All Your Employees!

Your Company And Business Will Be Amazed At The Convenience And the Service!

I Have Been Expecting You! The Portrait Boat (Bus)!

If Your Staff Wants To Grab Some Extra Headshots (For FREE)To Use On Social Media With Their Favorite Props, Tell Them To Bring Them Onboard. Or Maybe You Want To Pose With A Hawaiian Leis And Take It Back To Your Office!  

*** Your Private Tour Guide Awaits You Right Now! It Is Amazing To Meet On The Web. Meetings Are Taking Place Online Everyday Too!

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36 Years Ago I Picked Up My 1st Manual Film Camera. I Was 14. Today My Team And I use Digital Pro Cameras.” – Paul Steven Finkelstein

Before You Get Or Make Just Any Headshot, I Highly Recommend You Read These 7 Secrets Right On This Website.

Before You Go Get or Make Just Any Headshot, Keep Reading. The Good Stuff IS Coming. Don’t Miss it! But Before You Talk To Just Any Photography Studio Or Headshot Photographer, Have A Look And Listen To Some Insights I Discovered.

Paul S. Finkelstein

Founder, Photographer, President , MobilePortraitPros.com